About PUSH

PUSH is a revolutionary coffee tamper which solves 3 key problems commonly associated with traditional tamping techniques

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Experience reduced channeling and improved extraction.

PUSH is the world’s most precise coffee tamper. Its stepless adjustment is calibrated to 0.1mm, meaning the user can quickly find the ideal setting for their recipe and lock it in for perfect shot-to-shot repeatability. The precision CNC-machined 58.50mm base snugly fits most baskets for ‘58mm’ portafilters, (including VST, IMS, La Marzocco etc). Having an accurate fit in the basket has been shown to reduce channeling and improve extraction, ultimately increasing the quality and consistency of the espresso.

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Designed to last a lifetime.

Using precision engineering, PUSH is designed and manufactured in the UK to exceptionally high standards, ensuring survival in the most demanding environments. The base is made from hardened surgical grade stainless steel with a low-profile sharp edge to maximise tamping area, without the risk of jamming/vacuum effect. The unique ultra-low friction food safe coating prevents coffee grounds from sticking, whilst the handle is machined aluminium, beautifully anodised, reducing corrosion and wear.

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PUSH ensures consistency for every user, every time.

PUSH guarantees a perfectly level bed of coffee, compressed to the same density every single time, regardless of the user. This allows experienced baristas more control to set the exact density they require, so that all members of staff, regardless of experience, can then produce identical results. This means fewer mistakes, less wastage, and creates more time for engaging with the customer.

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  Ergonomics & Safety

Proven to reduce Barista wrist. 

Tamping related injuries among baristas are well known throughout the industry.

PUSH is the only espresso tamper developed with and tested by independent ergonomics experts. PUSH has been found to significantly reduce the risk of injury when compared with other tampers. The control offered by PUSH also allows users to alternate their tamping hand to further reduce physical strain, without sacrificing results.

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Winner of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

Excellence Award for Innovation 2016

SCAE Excellence Award for Innovation

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