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Alawi, A. - "Great Product and Fantastic Customer Service"

The tamper is fantastic. Great design and craftsmanship. Ensures a level tamp that can be achieved everytime. No more tamping problems. The customer service makes Clockwork Espresso one of the best companies I've dealt with. Had a problem with the initial shipped tamper and they sent me a replacement same day I contacted them. Definitely recommended and arguably the best tamper in the market today.




Georgia, USA - "I couldn't be happier with my PUSH"

I couldn't be happier with my PUSH tamper. It's incredibly easy to use, and it immediately makes every shot consistent. Consistency is something I'd been struggling with because of wrist issues that were brought on by traditional tamping methods. My right wrist couldn't tamp as hard as I needed it to. The push tamper eliminated that problem and is ergonomically designed so it doesn't put the amount of pressure on your wrist that a traditional tamper does. My wrist injury has stopped acting up and my shots consistency has gotten immensely better. I'm incredibly pleased with my PUSH tamper.




Aaron, H - "Game changer"

Since switching to PUSH our shots are much more uniform and consistent. Our team loves them! PUSH takes a lot of guess work out of the equation, saves time and simplifies tamp pressure training. Five stars, Thank you!



Philip C. - "PUSH Perfect!"

Cleverly designed and beautifully engineered. Delivers consistent tamping time after time, after time!




Sandy, Australia - "my hand and wrist are relieved of repetitive strain all day"

I love that my hand and wrist are relieved of repetitive strain all day, it makes such a difference. Apart from the actual beauty of being able to control my work so much better. The push tamp is both beautiful and functional and I would go so far as so say it saves workplace injuries (repetitive stress injuries). Thankyou for just amazing design.




Richard, USA - "flawless"

This is the most user-friendly adjustable tamper I have ever used. It's great for training new baristas; and helping experienced baristas pull a perfect shot with less effort! The engineering is flawless.




Martin, Australia - "blown away with the consistency it produces"

We bought it as a 50th birthday present for my brother, who loves his coffee and prides himself on making a fine cup. He perfected using it in the first day, and was blown away with the consistency it produces. Also commented on the fact that he now gets an even flow into both cups when he's making two at a time.


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