The PUSH Tamper – a breakthrough in speciality coffee

PUSH has been carefully engineered to be the most accurate, consistent and hardwearing coffee tamper in the world. Coined ‘the biggest innovation in tamping for decades’, it marks a breakthrough in specialty coffee: it is the only tamper designed with and independently tested by ergonomics experts, proven to be significantly more ergonomic than traditional options.

Since day one, PUSH has been made to the highest standard in Great Britain. The handle is machined from aerospace grade aluminum and anodized to reduce corrosion and wear. The base is machined from the hardest stainless steel known to man, to an incredibly accurate 58.50mm diameter, then vacuum hardened and coated with our unique ultra-hard non-stick coating.

Our corporate gifting package – a truly personalized experience

This year, we invested into a state of the art laser machine and are now able to laser engrave PUSH with any flat logo, image or text. Our corporate gifting service allows you to customise each tamper however you like: whether that’s adding your company logo, adding your recipient’s name, or keeping the PUSH text as it is, as well as choosing any combination out of our 14 colours. We’ve also partnered up with our friends at Inkpact to add a handwritten notecard or letter, so your message is read, felt and shared by every VIP customer.

Espresso PUSH Coffee tamper 14 new colours customised personalised

Adding an optional handwritten letter to your corporate gift

Adding a handwritten letter to each gift is entirely optional. This is how it works:

BRAND IT - Add your logo to an A5 note, along with a text footer. It’s all about your brand.
WRITE IT - Inkpact’s Scribes will beautifully handwrite each and every message onto your branded stationery in ink. 
SURPRISE AND DELIGHT - Your VIP list will each receive an unexpected handwritten envelope with their PUSH tamper and open it to find a meaningful message from you that drives brand love and loyalty.

All packaged in brand new, satin-finished boxes that show PUSH at its best

We thought it was about time to give the PUSH tampers the unboxing experience it deserves. Jet black boxes that protect the exceptionally made PUSH tamper, designed to make your gift feel even more special. Your VIP customers will get this new experience before anyone else.

To order or enquire, please contact Grace today using the form, or via the contact details below:

+44 (0) 7540 522791

Deadline for corporate gifting orders: October 2018