Pre-order: Original PUSH Tamper in new colours


Pre-order one of the eight, new PUSH colours.

Colour is personal. We understand that some people want their tampers to blend in. Others want their PUSH tamper to stand out. Some of our customers choose different colours, each one calibrated for different recipes. Colours matter, especially if that something will last a lifetime.

To help you personalise your PUSH tamper, we’re introducing eight new colours to our PUSH range: the elegant dark grey, light grey, brown, and dark green; and the energising lime, purple, royal blue and cyan.

Machined from aerospace grade aluminium and beautifully anodised to reduce corrosion and wear, the colour and your laser marked customisation will never ever rub or scratch off. That’s just one of thebenefits of owning a PUSH.

There's a limited quantity in the first production run, so don't hang about.

PUSH is a multi-award winning adjustable coffee tamper which guarantees a perfectly level and repeatable tamp for every user. It is the only coffee tamper developed with and tested by independent ergonomics experts and has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of injury to baristas. PUSH helps thousands of baristas in over 50 countries make excellent coffee more consistently, reducing channelling and promoting more balanced and evenly extracted espresso.

Designed & Manufactured in the UK
Free Worldwide Shipping
International Patents Pending
The first run has sold out. All orders placed now will ship in May.

We can customise your new PUSH tamper. To pre-order a customised PUSH tamper in one of these new colours, please order here.

For enquiries about 10 tampers or more, please get in touch with us