PUSHing for podium places at WBC 2019

April 30, 2019

PUSHing for podium places at WBC 2019

The 2019 World Barista Championships have now finished, with 54 competitors in the World Barista Championship giving amazing performances over four days. The title was eventually won by Jooyeon Jeon of South Korea.

At Clockwork Espresso, we were delighted to see so many competitors using PUSH Tampers in their routines, including Greek champion Michalis Dimitrakopoulos and Canadian champion Cole Torode, who finished second and third-placed respectively. Both competitors also secured top six finishes in the first qualifying round and semi-final events.

Competitors in the World Barista Championship prepare four espressos, four milk drinks, and four of their own original signature drinks to exacting standards, in 15-minute time slots. Scored to strict criteria, the competitors are expected to maintain excellent technical consistency in order to ensure perfect extraction each time. One of the scoring areas is a mark out of six for “consistent dosing and tamping” which is where PUSH, coupled with the competitors’ elite barista skills, can help make a real difference.

Speaking on his experiences using the PUSH Tamper, Cole said; “The PUSH tamper makes tamping nearly fool proof. For me, it gives me the confidence of a perfect tamp depth and angle, without  needing to focus directly on the action required. This allows me to keep my focus and attention on my clients with the confidence that I'll still tamp to near perfection. I'm a huge fan of tools that allow for the service standards to continue with a high degree of engagement, while at the same time allowing for precision in my craft.”

You can see Cole and Michalis in action using the video playeron this page. Congratulations again to both competitors on their excellent performances in Boston, Jooyeon Jeon on winning the WBC crown, and all of the other 54 competitors on their incredible efforts.