Who is PUSH designed for?

PUSH is the world's most precise calibrated coffee tamper, used by coffee enthusiasts, professional baristas and speciality coffee shops worldwide. 

Professional Baristas

Precision, consistency, quality and comfort. When it comes to tamping, PUSH is the professional barista's right hand man. Helping you reduce channeling with a perfectly level tamp, every single time. If you're pulling shots all day long, or need that perfect score at your next competition, PUSH is here for you.



Speciality Coffee Shops

Enable your baristas to serve consistently great coffee to every single customer, no matter how experienced. PUSH enables baristas in fast paced cafe environments tamp in a fast and efficient manner, whilst significantly reducing the risk of injuries like RSI (A.K.A "Barista Wrist"). PUSH also reduces wastage and ensures your barista's serve great coffee every single time by reducing one of the main variables of great tasting espresso; tamping. Help your baristas get the perfect tamp today, ensuring your customers get the best tasting coffee, every day.



Home Enthusiasts

Helping home enthusiasts master the art of tamping, ensuring every shot of espresso is as good as the last. Better tamping, better tasting, consistently delicious espresso. An essential accessory for any coffee enthusiast with a serious home set-up. Are your friends and family ready to taste the difference using your PUSH espresso tamper?


Watch Kyle Ramage using PUSH and taking the US Barista Championship title by storm in Seattle, 2017.

PUSH in action with Maxwell Colonna Dashwood's World Barista Championship routine in Seattle, 2015.